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Trend of Speeding-Related Fatal Crashes and Fatalities

Speeding related fatalities figures have jumped around over the years, but since 2000, the numbers have been increasing annually.  According to statistics from NSCA speeding fatalities have been consistently responsible for over 29.9% of all fatalities since 1983.

In 1987 Congress allowed states to raise the speed limit to 65.  Surprisingly since then the figures have dropped annually for several years, and has stayed fairly constant (slight annual increase) since 1992.  Still to this day 1 out of 3 fatalities on the road have speeding linked to it. 

The study also showed that speeding is more likely to kill more than one person per fatal accident.  It found for every 100 non speeding related fatal accidents, on average 111 persons died.  With 100 fatal accidents involving speeding the calculated  average was 115.

Information provided by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration