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Emergency Equipment for your vehicle

Do you know where your car is? Typically my car is where I am. At work, there is my car. At home, there is my car. At the circus, there is my car. The emergency supplies are almost more valuable here than any other place you can keep them. I am sure some of you that already have a system in your car can testify the value of it. When gathering your equipment use a type of storage that is easy to carry, like a back pack or a plastic tub with handles.

What To Have:

  • Water
  • Meals ready to eat. Something simple like peanut butter, or crackers, and don't forget utensils!
  • Radio
  • Flashlight
  • First Aid Kit
  • Matches & Lighter
  • Small basic tool kit. Make sure it has at least a hammer, multi tip screw driver, and pliers.
  • Knife, you can do almost anything with a good Swiss Army Knife.
  • Rain gear
  • Blanket, a wool fire blanket is great, but if limited to space get a small space blanket.
  • Tarp
  • Flares
  • If in area with snow, any means to stay warm. Pocket warmers, small propane burner.
  • Jumper cables
  • If you have an infant, extra diapers, and any additional equipment they may need on a daily basis.
  • Extra medications that you require on a daily basis.
  • Cash

This list may sound like a lot, but you can easily store these items in a 25 gallon plastic container, and should all together way less than 50 lbs.

Your environment will always play a roll so check with your local fire department for extra advice. The last item I listed is cash. Many of us forget this item, and it could be the most important item listed. If you are not willing to leave some in your car, plan on leaving at least $100 at home. Your ATM, card doesn't work to well when the power is out. Late for job interview, and car just ran out of gas? That $100 might be your life saver if a cab is near by.