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Child Safety Seat Ratings

As a father of two I know what it is like to install a child safety seat. At 6'4" and over 250lbs you would think it was an easy task. Well it's not easy for me, and I can only imagine how many poorly installed cars seats there are out there. Using them daily it is worth the extra money to get the best one. Not just for the childs safety, but for your own sanity. You should not have to be an engineer is automotive safety just to go to the grocery store. In the past knowing which seat was best could really only be guessed at by simply buying the most expensive, or by getting a known brand name. Well help is on the way!

Child Safety Seat Ratings

The NHTSA is now ranking child safety seats by a grading system, "A" being best. The rating ranks ease of use, and safety level. The grade is also influenced by: assembly requirements, clarity of labeling, clarity of written instructions, ease of securing a child, and ease of installation in a vehicle. According to the report just in this last year, 2006, there has been huge improvements in the ease of use, and more than 85% of 99 car seats rated received an "A". In 2005 there was 74% that had received an "A". I hope you have an "A"!

The Full 2006 "ease-of-use" ratings provided by NHTSA

Information provided by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration