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Driver Cell Phone Usage

I am still waiting for accident  rates by cell phone, but here is at least the break down of who is using cell phones.

The results below are number of people actually using, or "on the phone".  It does not represent if they use the phone in general.

  • 2005 is now at 6% compared to 5% in 2004.
  • The age group of 14-24 had the highest percentage of 10%.
  • Females outranked males.  Females 8%, males 5%.
  • .8% use headsets.
With all the figures calculated it works out that nearly 1,000,000 drivers are either using a cell phone or handheld device at any given moment during daylight hours, or 6%.  

Recently I had a poll to see how many of you actually use a phone while driving.  According to the MonkeyMeter Poll,  most people are comfortable using their phone while driving.

Information provided by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration