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Rules of the Road

Note: These are my personal rules of the road.

  1. Pay attention.
  2. Pay attention.
  3. Remind your self to pay attention.
  4. Don't bother trying to pass. Only pass when you know you can.
  5. If you think you are a good driver, then you must drive a lot. If you drive a lot, remind yourself odds are against you for avoiding an accident. Pay attention.
  6. No one drives like you.
  7. Don't hit anything...anything.
  8. Blinkers are a tool. Don't use because it's the law, use them to your advantage. Use them to tell your intentions, not ask.
  9. If you tailgate me, I know you do not know how to drive because you're guessing I won't screw up.
  10. Do what you want, but don't do it to me.

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