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Road Rage Against the SUV or is it the Prius?

SUV vs. the Prius?  Who will win?  If you don't know what a Prius is, it's one of those new fangled hybrid things that can get a very impressive 60 miles to the gallon.  I'm am all for fuel efficiency, and support those who buy one.  For those of you that have a SUV, so do I.

The S.U.V.

Being a SUV owner I must say getting bashed for having one is getting a little old.  If there is a problem on the road you can very easily blame a SUV no matter what the cause.  Driving aggressively seems to have the largest focus, and I believe this is partially true.  The reason I believe this is because SUV owners have a clear advantage over small cars.  It's not muscle power, but viewing power.  We have a better sense of our surrounding so we tend to get more aggravated when those around us don't seem to be paying attention.  We can see the cell phone user 3 cars up daydreaming in front of a green light.  We can see the little two door trying to cut in front of us at the last second, and we just keep on blocking because we know we can.  Maybe true, maybe not.  Some of us are courteous drivers, some of us are not.

The Prius

I am hearing many complaints about you guys/gals driving by your dashboard.  The notion is you stare at your dashboard trying to see how many miles to the gallon you get.  Another complaint common to the Prius is that they now want to be speed cops slowing down traffic to whatever they feel is best.  Some use the speed limit as their excuse.  Knowingly slowing down traffic that is going faster, at speed, or slower than the limit is just wrong.  You should move out of the way of faster traffic if you are trying to save gas.  I drove behind one today that was going faster than the flow of traffic so obviously not all of them fit into this category.

Which is Right?

Comparing SUV's to Prius' seems a bit silly to me, but in my local paper (San Jose Mercury News) this issue is flaring.  I use my SUV not to go to work, but too work.  When I get in my SUV it is loaded with safety products that I deliver to companies around the bay area.  The Prius might be tempting gas consumption wise, but I would need three of them to haul my stuff around.  Arguing for the Prius on the other hand I have a friend who commutes from Salinas to Milpitas every day, about 70 miles one  way.   He sits at his desk all day, and then drives home.  Hardly sensible to drive an SUV when doing this.  Lesson learned?  Your vehicle is a tool, and usually we pick the one that's best for us.

The Answer

So I think the real argument isn't you should drive like me, or you should have the same kind of car as me.  What people should really be thinking is you should mind yourself, and do what is best for you.  Remember that you still have to drive responsibly.  Also, unless you can read minds I am certain that you do not know what a complete strangers needs are when they get into their car.  Controlling another vehicle with your own actions whether it is accidental or intentional can be deadly, and may even be illegal.  The best drivers on the road are the ones you don't notice.

The Score:  Tie

SUV:  0
Prius:  0

They both have equal rights

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