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Attitudes About Speed Limits

A continuation of Aggressive Driving

Part 2.5 Current Speed Limits —Too High, Too Low, About Right?

In general most people think that are speed limits are about right.  According to the survey 75% agree with existing speeds for any given type of road.  These results were similar for men and women.  Drivers with children tended to say that some speed limits were too high.  Myself being a parent would have to agree. 

If asked if the speed limit were increased by 10 m.p.h. more than 50% responded that they would drive a little slower than the speed limit.  Almost all surveyed agreed that the increase on residential streets would substantially increase risk, and lower safety.

Summary from this chapter was:

Over three-fourths of drivers felt that speed limits were about right for most road types.  Most drivers felt that increased speed limits would be more dangerous and less comfortable, no matter which road type.  In respect to the recent increase in speed limits, drivers were almost equally divided between those who felt that more drivers were driving within the posted limits, and those who felt that the number of drivers obeying the new limits had not changed.  Although drivers were generally satisfied with present speed limits, the majority felt 65 to 70 miles per hour was a satisfactory speed for interstate highways.

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Information provided by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration