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Road Terms

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Term Description

Shock Absober

A hydraulic suspension filled with fluid that takes in energy or shock and makes the ride smoother and more controllable.


Passing a car by first drafting to conserve power, then suddenly moving out of the slipstream and using the reserve power.


Aerodynamic device attached directly to the vehicle body (usually to the rear deck lid) such that airflow passes only over the top of the device. Used to create downforce, aiding in traction and stability.

Standard Bike

A motorcycle without frills such as saddlebags, windshield, radio, or trunk. It is the cheapest to buy and usually has small rake and trail.


Relatively lightweight passenger railcars operating singly or in short trains, or on fixed rails in rights-of-way that are not always separated from other traffic. Streetcars do not necessarily have the right-of-way at grade crossings with other traffic.

Super 2

A controlled-access freeway with two lanes and usually without a center median. Super 4s are undivided 4-lane freeways. A Super 2 Expressway is a Super 2 with occasional at-grade intersections; some states call these Super 2s.


A high-powered fan that forces air into the engine, increasing power.


Maintenance or construction activity on the highway surface. Short delays in travel to be expected.


Sport/utility vehicle.

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