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Road Terms

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Term Description

Padding Disc

An insert in the crankcase area designed to reduce the internal volume of the crankcase and thus to increase the precompression ratio; this helps to increase the output of a two-stroke engine

Palm Spinner

A device which is attached to a steering wheel to allow disabled people to insert a hand into its bracket in order to steer a vehicle.


A small diameter gear with few teeth designed to blend with a larger gear wheel or a toothed rod (rack). Used in rack-and-pinion steering. It


A round or cylindrical plug, which closed at one end and open at the other. It slides up and down in the cylinder. It is attached to the connecting rod and when the fuel charge is fired, will transfer the force of the explosion to the connecting rod then to the crankshaft.

Pocket Bikes

Extremely small bikes that look like miniature sportbikes.

Poker Run

An organized motorcycle event where riders travel over a prescribed course and at designated stopping points, participate in a game.


The opening in an engine where the valve operates and through which the air-fuel mixture or exhaust passes.

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