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Road Terms

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Term Description

Dead Heading

Operating a truck without cargo.


The action of slowing down.


The action of disengaging the clutch.

Deep staged

A driver is deep staged when, after staging, he or she rolls a few inches farther, which causes the pre-stage light to go out. In that position, the driver is closer to the finish line, thus helping a shorter run but also dangerously close to a foul start.

Delta Milage

The milage, to the hundreth of a mile.

Demand Responsive Vehicle

A nonfixed-route, nonfixed-schedule vehicle that operates in response to calls from passengers or their agents to the transit operator or dispatcher.


The final link in the drive train, which transmits power to the wheels.

Double Wishbone Suspension

A system of independent suspension in which each wheel is located on a "knuckle" that is connected by ball joints to an upper A arm and a lower A arm. Usually, the lower A arms are longer. This system provides minimal changes in track and camber when the suspension is under load, as when going over bumps or in hard cornering.

Driver's License

A license issued by a State or other jurisdiction, to an individual which authorizes the individual to operate a motor vehicle on the highways.

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