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Driving Tips:

How To Make A U-Turn

I used to think this was a simple enough maneuver, crank steering wheel make u-turn.  After driving in San Jose, Ca for over 20 years I have realized that it is not as easy for some as it is for me.  Here is the how to:

  • Make sure you are  legally allowed to.  Hidden dangers are available to those who break rule 1.
  • Make sure it is appropriate for your vehicle to make the u-turn.  Don't make a u-turn in a small busy intersection if you are driving a 25 foot king cab diesel Tonka Truck.  18 Wheelers don't nor should you.
  • Practice.  You should be able to do it to get your driver license, but just because you passed doesn't mean you're good at it yet.
  • With both hands on the steering wheel lightly press the gas pedal and begin quickly  turning the wheels as far as they will go.  Lift your foot off the gas, and celerate* to complete the turn.

You made it.  How hard was that?  A key tip when making the turn is to resist temptation to prepare for it.  Just drive up like you were going to make a left turn, and it should be smooth sailing.

Didn't make it?  You better make sure you look back before slamming it into reverse.  Crank the opposite direction while backing out.  Then straighten.

 * See Road Rage Terms