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Highway Numbers

Are you lost?  Many Americans don't realize this, but there is a method to some of our madness.  For example if you are on Highway I-5 I would know that you are going either north or south.  That is because all odd number highways run north to south.  Here are the general rules of thumb.

  • Interstate Highways are marked with blue signs and red tops.
  • U.S. route signs are marked with black letters on white signs like the famous, Route 66.
  • Highway signs are numbered 1-99, and routes can go from 1 to 999

  • Odd numbers indicate north and south while even numbers indicate east and west.
  • Highway numbers increase as you move east
  • Route numbers increase as you move south

So if you hear someone talking about Highway 1, and you live in New York, you can make a pretty good guess they are talking about a highway that runs along the  west coast.