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Basic Driving  Tips:

  • Pay Attention
  • If you think you are a good driver, you must spend a lot of time on the road.  If you spend a lot of time on the road you are more likely to get into an accident.  Remind yourself of that.  This is a good time to remind yourself  to pay attention.
  • When passing a truck allow plenty of room to merge back. Do not take your time passing him.  Do it with intent to pass, and quickly.  Both truck headlights should appear in your rearview mirror before merging back.  It takes a long time for a truck to regain speed if he has to hit the brakes for you.
  • Blinkers are for turning or changing lanes.  If you intend to do either let others know by using it.  Do not ask to change lanes, or turn by using your blinker and hope someone lets you in.  If you have to ask you can not.  Continue to the next safe opportunity.
  • Anticipate the flow of traffic.  Even in heavy traffic you should be able to drive without using the brake excessively.  I try to make it a game in traffic jams.  I count the number of breaks the guy in front of me does compared to my one.  If I am braking more, I am either not paying attention or am driving too closely.
  • Do not tailgate.  There is no advantage.  In fact many opportunities to pass several cars at one time are commonly lost because the tailgater was simply too close to the car in front of them to see the greater opportunity.
  • Drive right, pass left.  This is not really a tip, but a law most of us forget.  I have been practicing this for a while now, and see no loss in time.  Because of the trend to just drive in the passing lane I have frequently found myself passing and making better time in the "slow" lane.
  • Know how to set your mirrors.  You do not need to see the ground or any part of your car.  Maximize you viewing field.
  • Constantly monitor your cars condition.  Heat, oil, speed, battery, any other indicators.
  • Just remember...  Any monkey can drive, they just need to pay attention.
I would love to hear your tips, and include them.  Submit your tips!