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Colored Curbs

I recently ran a poll to see what people thought what a red curb means. I knew the answer, and thought is was as obvious as "Do you know how to start your car?". Apparently, I was wrong.

Here are the poll results:

What does the red zone mean? 

  • No parking and no stopping 49%
  • No parking 36%
  • Unsure 11%
  • No stopping 4%

Total votes: 175

Colored Curbs Defined

White: Stop only long enough to pick up or drop off passengers or mail. Commonly regulated to just three minutes, and driver must stay in the car.

Green: Park for a limited time. Look for a sign next to the green zone or for the time painted on the curb.

Yellow: Stop no longer than the time posted to load or unload passengers or freight. Drivers of noncommercial vehicles are usually required to stay with the vehicle.

Red: No stopping, standing, or parking. (Buses may stop at a red zone marked for buses.) Waiting there with your foot on the brake, ready to go, is illegal!

Blue: Parking is permitted only for a disabled person who displays a placard or disabled person or disabled veteran license plates. Disabled people with a placard or special plates may park in special areas for unlimited periods of time, regardless of time restrictions. No one else may park there. Qualified persons may apply at any DMV office for a parking placard or special plates.

Those are the basics. There may be slight variances depending on city ordinances. Commonly the white, and green zones have variances of time restrictions.

Many people think that you can stop in the red zone if you are in the car with it running. They are very wrong. There is no justified reason for you to be in the red zone. I have seen a fire truck push a car out of the red zone for a non fire emergency with its front end. Hope it wasn't you!

Red zones can be created for various reasons you may not be aware of, so please don't assume it's okay that one time. Visibility is a common reason to create a red zones, making it more important than just leaving room for emergency services.

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