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F150 Lift & Leveling Kits

We know that a lack of information for lifting trucks is one of the most common challenges facing Ford truck modders. AmericanMuscle is fixing this issue with a newly published tech guide that provides easy-to-read advice for the most commonly asked questions about buying a lift kit for an F-150.

AmericanMuscle wanted to share some tips with you before you go out and just by a generic lift kit for your truck.

Example, lift or level? With a leveling kit you could lift the front end up a couple of inches, matching the rear, and giving a better ride. However, be warned, if you're towing a lot you may not want to level that truck off. The rear is higher on purpose. Check out their article How to Add Ground Clearance to Your F-150. I found usually doing it the right way first, is the best way to save money.

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